"Effective Permission Viewer" provides an overview over effective permissions on folders/files for users and groups in Autodesk Vault.

Effective permissions are displayed in a configurable matrix.

System Requirements

Installed Vault Professional Client 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

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What are effective permissions in Vault?
"Effective Permissions Viewer" show which rights a user or group will ultimately have on a folder or file.

What task does the "Effective Permissions Viewer" solve?
Effective Permissions Viewer shows a matrix with effective permissions for folders/files and users/groups.
It also shows a short explanation why the respective user/group has or does not have access.
You can choose which folders/files or users/groups should be displayed in the matrix.

Are items taken into account?
No, only effective permissions for folders and files are displayed.

Does the tool change any data in the Vault?
No. "Effective Permissions Viewer" only displays permissions and does not make any changes to data.

What are the system requirements for effective permissions viewer?
"Effective permissions viewer" is an add-on for Autodesk Vault Professional.
Vault Professional system requirements apply.


What security models are there in the Vault?

If "state based" security is used, objects, e.g. folders and files, can adopt the following security models "override" and "combined".

"Override" means that the "state based" security overwrites the "object based" security.
"Combined" means that both "object based" security and "state based" security are taken into account equally. The permissions result from the intersection of the two.

Is it possible to display the security models in the "Effective Permissions Viewer"?

Yes, the security models are displayed by default. (see picture below).


Where can I find a detailed description about the security model in Vault Professional?

A detailed explanation of the Vault Professional Security model can be found on this Autodesk page.